Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seana.... Surprised by the wave!
OK I know, not a very good picture, but it is the only one of us all on the beach. We had a blast at the beach. This was the first time all my kids have been to the beach. It was kind of cold and really windy but still fun! The seagulls also really liked our snacks that they stole from our blanket area. I kind of forgot about the seagulls. Seana is the only one that really played in the water. I'm kind of glad about that because I was really frightened about the tide taking my children away. So glad Wyatt was not interested in playing in the water!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just got a new Nintendo DSi for myself. Don't really know why! I never got a Christmas Present so this counts as one. It's a lot of fun. I really like the photo part of it. I also like the game I got because it has a lot of puzzles you have to solve. It works my brain a bit! I also think that I am kind of silly and probably will never grow up! Maybe I should move to never neverland. No wait, can't do that. Never heard of Princesses living there! By the way, as a silly side note, I got 2 new princess crowns when I went to Disneyland! Hee Hee!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Disneyland was so fun! It was very crowded but still was fun. We love the fastpass things you can get for the more popular rides. Wish they had that for the Nemo ride. We stood in line for that one for 2 hours. We kept a good grip on Wyatt most of the time. Overall it was a wonderful trip. Kids didn't fight too much. We made it home safe and sound. Every member of the family made it home! Ya!

This Photo was taken right before we lost my little Wyatt. I walked maybe 15 steps away from this spot, turned around and Wyatt was no where to be seen! I panicked big time!!! We were calling for him and searching everywhere. Seana used her head and went and told someone that worked there right away. Thank you Seana! I finally thought about that about 5 minutes after and went to tell someone and they told me Seana had already told them and had given his description. They said that they shut down the gates and only were letting people out of one gate, and checking everyone as they went out. We finally found him about 30 min later which felt like 4 hours at least! He was walking around calling for mom. You would think someone would have noticed and helped him. Thank goodness we found him. It obviously did not scare him enough though because he tried to run off twice at Disneyland! I think my baby thinks he wants a new family.

This is my family outside of M&M World in Las Vegas. The kids are always excited to go to M&M World. Last time we went to Disneyland we stopped in Vegas and seen M&M World and that is all the kids talked about when we got home. I always had to remind them that we also went to Disneyland! (Silly Kids!) This time they were more excited about Disneyland.